We gather for worship every Sunday morning at 10 AM in the sanctuary.


There's a song we sing in Sunday school here that says "when we worship God, we do more than sing; when we worship God, we do everything!" Gathering together for worship is an important rhythm of our lives as Christ followers. Worship is first and foremost about God. All that we do in worship is meant to point us to our connection to and relationship with God. Our worship is liturgical, which literally means that it is the work of the people. All of us together raising our voices, hearts, and selves to God is worship.

Our worship services follow a traditional Reformed flow of Approach (praise, confession, and assurance), Word (scripture, a sermon, and sometimes a sacrament), & Response (confessions of faith, offerings, prayers, and blessings). While most Sundays the order of worship will look the same, we try to vary our worship experience through the different words we use and the different songs we sing. For example, some Sundays we say a prayer of confession together. Other Sundays we sing it, or pray silently, or join the pastor as he leads us in prayer. We typically celebrate communion together on the first Sunday of every month. Above all we hope that those who join us for worship encounter God's presence and find a way to connect with God and God's people.

We love music in our church! We sing traditional hymns with the organ and more contemporary music with guitar and piano. There's usually a violin around to add to the beauty as well. The choir sings in worship September through mid-June. Other musicians from within and without our congregation share their gifts with us throughout the year, and especially during our annual "Evening of Praise and Thanksgiving" held on the Sunday evening the week of Thanksgiving.

Worship is a rich gift with many wonderful ways to explore our relationship with God, our Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer. We hope you'll join us!